Extraextra magazine

Vredenoordlaan 10D, 3061 RL Rotterdam, Netherlands

Extra Extra is a multidisciplinary platform exploring sensuality and culture. We are delighted to share stories we first listened to in the metro, at office parties, in hotel rooms and in the park at the heart of our neighborhood. Our online platform, biennial print magazine, temporary projects and live events celebrate mundane city life. Featuring commissioned essays, new works, short stories and in-depth conversations between creative minds of all disciplines. Extra Extra looks at artistic endeavors with a witty, sophisticated eye presenting and working closely and collaboratively with cultural producers who dare to share the lecherous fantasies that can be encountered in their work and personal life. In a quest of an international language of the urban, the platform promotes cultural and social dialogue between artists, producers and a worldwide audience. Lose yourself in the stories of a blazing imaginative city life of Extra Extra – whether fictional or true – these adventures are a true aphrodisiac. Subscriptions: https://www.bruil.info/product/extra-extra/

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