Publication Studio Rotterdam

Zaagmolenstraat 129a, Rotterdam, Netherlands

We are a publisher of original books distributing through a global network, a printer and binder able to make books one-at-a-time, and a social gathering place for those interested in publication or in publishing their own work. Publication Studio (founded in 2009 in Portland, Oregon) prints and binds books one at a time on-demand, creating original work with artists and writers we admire. We use any means possible to help writers and artists reach a public: physical books; a digital commons (where anyone can read and annotate our books for free); eBooks; and unique social events with our writers and artists in many cities. We attend to the social life of the book. Publication Studio is a laboratory for publication in its fullest sense – not just the production of books, but the production of a public. This public, which is more than a market, is created through physical production, digital circulation, and social gathering. Together these construct a space of conversation which beckons a public into being. A network of 13 Studios in North America and Europe share responsibility for production and distribution of new titles in the Publication Studio catalog. A full list of available books can be found on our website. Currently, Studios operate in: Portland (OR) / Portland (ME) / San Francisco Bay Area (CA) / Los Angeles (CA) / Minneapolis (MN) / Philadelphia (PA) / Hudson (NY) / Toronto (ON), Canada / Guelph (ON), Canada / Vancouver (BC), Canada / Malmö, Sweden / London, UK / Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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