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Teilingerstraat 110, 3032 AW Rotterdam, Netherlands

Roodkapje is the communal living-room, project space & underground laboratory for art, music & food. We are located on Delftseplein 39, next to Rotterdam Central Station. +Ultras, to infinity and beyond, is the spirit that moves us further. It represents Roodkapje’s progressive program, lifestyle and inclusive attitude in working with artists, volunteers, audiences and you. And our ever-expanding community: Roodkapje +Ultras. Roodkapje’s motto +Ultras represents art as a dynamic action, manifesting the cross-over of disciplines to connect and promote talent. We dedicate our future towards the + as an open community of ambitious artistic pioneers. Visit our exhibitions, openings, concerts, events and performances. Join our community and shape Rotterdam’s most vibrant platform for contemporary culture. Be +Ultras. Roodkapje is en route towards new horizons, from a central new location, with various new programs. Introducing the era of +Ultras. During which our entire community is gathered together. As Roodkapje, Burgertrut and SUB become one, so will our program(s). Read about Roodkapje here:

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The Body: From the Autonomous to the Slow Fabric

dr. Petra Van Brabandt

In this text I wish to analyse the relation between the body and the autonomous fabric. How do our bodies structure the autonomous fabric, and which promises does the autonomous fabric hold for our bodily experiences?


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